Parenting Today's Teens - NRB 2014 Radio Program of the Year

By Jessica Suggs

Dec. 12, 2013

We are pleased to announce that Parenting Today's Teens with Mark Gregston has been chosen as the National Religious Broadcasters 2014 Radio Program of the Year!

Criteria to become the Radio Program of the Year includes being "...a program that impacts the listener by being compelling, relevant, informative, personable and entertaining, while demonstrating an authentic Christian faith." 

Not a day passes when Mark and the Parenting Today's Teens crew doesn't hear from an appreciative parent who depends on the radio program for direction, wisdom and biblical counsel.  Like this listener, Stacie, who recently shared with Mark ...

"I did not transition well from parenting little ones to tweens and now a teenager.  I thank God for your program that will enable me to have the tools I need to do this parenting thing!"

In addition to receiving this prestigious award, Mark and his wife Jan Gregston are celebrating 25 years of ministry at their residential counseling center, Heartlight Ministries.  Over the years, Heartlight Ministries has helped several thousand struggling teenagers turn away from negative motivations and peers, and towards a more positive and productive outlook on life. 

Mark and Jan celebrate 25 years of ministry with their children and grandchildren.

On the weekly and daily broadcasts of Parenting Today's Teens, Mark shares the wisdom he's gleaned from the many years working with Heartlight families  Bring help and hope to parents in your community by adding these relevant broadcasts to your station's line-up.  Call Jessica Suggs or Kristina Fucci at (818) 865-0180.  Or email us at to sign up today.


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