Passionate. Real. Relevant. A Daily Dose of Hope Out Loud.

By Jessica Suggs

Sept. 9, 2015

Nine years ago, this family of four was struck head-on by a drunk driver. All sustained life-threatening injuries, but 15-year-old Jen experienced severe brain trauma and was not expected to live through the night.

After weeks in a coma, doctors warned that Jen would wake up cursing and screaming. Instead, the Word of God flowed from her lips through Scripture, praise songs and passionate prayers.

Some call it a tragedy ... the Barrick's call it a MIRACLE!

Today, the Barrick's are pointing men and women all over the world to Jesus Christ through their heart-felt testimonies of restoration, forgiveness and God's faithfulness in the midst of tragedy.

The one-minute daily radio program, Hope Out Loud, is unlike any other program available today. In a world where families are broken by tragic circumstances beyond their control, Andy, Linda, Jen and Josh are examples of how God can use tragedy to bring about hope, healing and a greater calling than one could ever imagine.

Relatable, personal, and down-to-earth, Hope Out Loud shares the joy of knowing Christ in every broadcast. A hallmark of the program are the days when Jen Barrick prays over listeners. A radio listener recently wrote:

"Jen, I have had a rough day. I'm listening to Spirit FM and you just came on the radio and said a prayer for me. I just want to tell you how much that helped me! Thank you so much! Thank God I was able to bow my head and pray with you." - Morgan H.

Bring your listening audience words of compassion and prayers of faith in a God who can bring beauty from ashes through the daily feature, Hope Out Loud!

Hear fresh samples of the program and download a sign-up form here. Hope Out Loud is available on Amb-OS and FTP distribution. Contact Melissa Carlson and Jessie Jolliff in our office at (818) 865-0180 or email today!