Pastor Mike Fabarez Featured in Preaching Today

By Jessica Suggs

Aug. 10, 2016

In a recent article in Preaching Today, Pastor Mike Fabarez of Focal Point writes an honest and personal account of his own family's trials. The article, "The Pain of Preaching on Pain," shares how his family's struggles directly and positively impacted his effectiveness in the pulpit.

Pastor Mike believes it is through his personal trials that his ministry has been seasoned and matured. "Effective preaching that truly helps the hurting will come from a preacher who has had their pastoral skills honed in the midst of their own trials," he explains.

In his 2014 book release, Lifelines for Tough Times, Pastor Mike reveals that he is indeed one such preacher.

This month, Pastor Mike shares from Romans on the topic of suffering and how God's Word gives us the hope and guidance to move foward when life is tough. His unwavering dedication to presenting practical guidance from God's Word has helped many who have felt trapped by the weight of their circumstances, suffering or personal sin.

Read the full article here.

Pastor Mike Fabarez can be heard daily and weekly on the radio program, Focal Point. In these 25-minute broadcasts, Pastor Mike teaches the Bible with practical and relevant verse-by-verse exposition.

The Friday and weekend Ask Pastor Mike segments of the broadcast answer compelling, culturally relevant questions through a biblically grounded worldview and the solid foundation of Scripture.

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