Philip De Courcy's New Series: Maximum Security

By Jessie Jolliff

April 18, 2016

Know The Truth celebrated its six-year anniversary on March 15, and moves into year seven with a relevant and informative new series called Maximum Security, airing from April 18 through May.

In light of ongoing ISIS attacks here at home and around the globe, Philip De Courcy encourages Christians to be full of faith in a world full of terror. Maximum Security provides a clear and concise primer on radical Islam, but Philip doesn't stop there. The series focuses on the hope we have in Jesus Christ—our ultimate security!

Clear and convicting, Maximum Security is not meant to incite fear but to ignite faith.

Maximum Security web banners and a 30-second audio spot are available for stations currently airing Know The Truth. The web banner and audio spot can be downloaded from the station resources section of our website.

In addition to these series-specific resources, Know The Truth has a brand new logo and bio photo of Philip De Courcy. Download the new ministry logo here and the bio photo here.

You can also check out the newly redesigned Know The Truth website here.

Know The Truth is a daily 25-minute radio program, featuring the Bible teaching ministry of Philip De Courcy and hosted by broadcasting veteran Wayne Shepherd. Philip is a native of Northern Ireland and is Senior Pastor of Kindred Community Church in Anaheim, California.

The daily broadcast is available via Amb-OS and FTP download.

To add Know The Truth to your station's lineup, download the sign-up form or visit our contact page.