Philip De Courcy’s Timely Interview with John MacArthur

By Julianna Keck

July 11, 2017

This July, listeners of Know The Truth will find freedom from the challenges of life in a week-long sermon series Pastor Philip originally presented to students at The Master’s University in Santa Clarita, California, where he serves on the Board of Directors. 

The Master’s University series culminates in a special interview program, with Philip and university president, Dr. John MacArthur, airing on Friday, July 14.

In this special edition of Know The Truth, Philip and his good friend and mentor, John, discuss the importance of knowing God as He revealed Himself in the Bible and of then living by the truth revealed in God’s Word.

In fact, Philip De Courcy and John MacArthur’s mutual passion for and commitment to presenting the truth of God’s Word and its power to set men and women free is one the things that unites them so.

In the interview, MacArthur states:

“You’re not really educated unless you know the truth. And the truth is revealed in the word of God … Everything that’s laid out in Scripture that gives structure to life and makes sense out of it from God’s perspective. That’s the truth and to even imagine you’re educated without knowing that is a deception.”

This special 25-minute interview broadcast will air on the Know The Truth broadcast Friday, July 14.

The interview is also available in a stand-alone broadcast.

You’re invited to air this interview program throughout the month of July and August as your schedule allows. 

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