Ron Zappia: Lessons That Last

By Intern

Aug. 15, 2016

Dad: “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, boy!”

Mom: “Bloom where you are planted, sweetie.”

Resentful younger sibling: “Pick on someone your own size!”

We hear these common cultural tidbits of advice countless times throughout the years…but how often do we listen to God’s 2 cents concerning our lives?

Tomorrow, don’t miss the kickoff of Life Lessons, Pastor Ron Zappia’s new series airing through August 25 on Highpoint. Diving into the story of Jonah, Ron uncovers life lessons that last. Click here to see the bumper video. 


With a new school year approaching, the end of August marks a time of change and transition. Hectic calendars and endless to do lists often put our hopes and dreams on hold, deferred for quieter days.

This radically honest assessment of the biblical story of Jonah cannonballs into the heart of God’s will for us, answering the question: What lasting lessons does God want me to learn? 


It won’t take long to discover that Jonah learned these lessons the hard way

Whether you are wrestling with which way to go, feel like you are lost at sea, treading in the wake of a storm or lifelessly stuck on the shore of discontent… God has a calling filled with depth, direction and significance on your life.

He hasn’t given up on you, and like he did Jonah, God is recklessly going after you.

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