Ron Zappia of Highpoint Ministries Releases First Book: The Marriage Knot

By Meredith Reiten

Jan. 2, 2019

Today, Ron Zappia of Highpoint Ministries and his wife Jody were featured as guests on Chris Fabry Live to discuss their brand new book, The Marriage Knot. If you missed the interview, you can still catch it by visiting:

Full of truth and first-hand experience, The Marriage Knot reveals Ron and Jody's personal love story and the seven transformative principles that saved their marriage when trials arose.

Whether you're recently engaged or have been married for over a decade, the couples tried and true wisdom is sure to bless you and your spouse as you navigate the varying seasons of marriage. Order your own copy today at

“As everyone knows, no matter the type, all knots loosen over time. Eventually, left unattended and unchecked, the knot comes undone. That same principle is true of the bond of marriage”

-Ron Zappia

Ron and Jody will also be discussing the book on the Highpoint radio program January 24th, so be sure to invite your listeners to tune in!

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