Shawn Thornton Writes a Childhood Memoir

By Jessie Jolliff

June 27, 2016

Pastor Shawn Thornton of All Things New shares a bittersweet account of God's grace and mercy in his childhood memoir, "All But Normal."  Tyndale Publishers will release the book to the public on July 5. It chronicles Pastor Shawn's childhood growing up with a mom who suffered from a traumatic brain injury.

Dirty dishes piled on the countertops, dirty laundry covering the floor, undercooked meat, and burnt cookies were just everyday life for the Thorntons. But when Bev Thornton's violent rages came to a crisis point, authorities stepped in -- and God's grace carried the family through.

Throughout July, the All Things New daily radio broadcasts will feature interviews with Pastor Shawn as he shares his family struggles and how God brought hope and victory.

You won't want to miss these poignant and personal messages from Pastor Shawn!

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Published by Tyndale; for more info on “All But Normal,” click here.