Special Discover the Word Broadcast In Memoriam Dr. Haddon Robinson

By Julianna Keck

July 24, 2017

Last Saturday, July 22, our friend Haddon Robinson passed into the presence of the Lord. Haddon was lead teacher on Discover the Word for over 23 years. That’s over 6,000 programs!

During this historic season, much wisdom was reaped from the conversations that he, Alice Mathews and Mart DeHaan conducted. He retired from the program in February 2014 when the effects of Parkinson’s Disease made it impossible for him to continue, but his legacy lives on.

In honor and remembrance of Dr. Robinson's life and the integral seat he filled at the table, Discover the Word has released a 90-second statement for you and your listeners. Listen and download it here.

Additionally, the Discover the Word broadcast scheduled to air this Wednesday, July 26, has been updated to include a special introductory tribute to Dr. Haddon Robinson.

If you access Discover the Word via Amb-OS, the new audio file will be automatically transmitted to your receiver.

New audio files will be available on the FTP site Monday, July 24, 2017. If you access the program via the FTP site, please take a moment to re-download the program to ensure you have the correct content.


Haddon Robinson was a brilliant and respected preacher and teacher of preachers, who also cherished our times together on Discover the Word. He once said,

I don’t know that I’ve ever been more highly honored than to think that people spend time with us each day as we do Discover the Word. All kinds of people, all ages of people, all different cultures, but we are gathered around this table because they value a study of the Word of God. That’s a privilege!

Mart DeHaan and Evan Morgan expressed how deeply their dear friend, Haddon, impacted their own lives and Our Daily Bread Ministries, as a whole:

Around the Discover the Word table, Haddon had a way of asking questions that were better than our answers— and to leave us with answers that were better than our questions. Over and over he helped us find the meaning of a text not only in its context—but in the heart of our God. By example, he showed us how to be honest with ourselves, and real with one another, in our never ending need of grace. –Mart DeHaan

Most who knew of Haddon will remember him for the power of his preaching. Yet his wisdom and teaching extended to thousands more through his teaching on the Discover the Word radio program for over 23 years, as well as through the teaching and mentoring of preaching students in the classroom at Dallas Seminary, Denver Seminary and Gordon-Cowell Seminary. He not only touched the lives of our listeners on Discover the Word, but each of us individually at Our Daily Bread Ministries. We grieve the loss of our mentor and friend, but celebrate his legacy that will continue on for generations. –Evan Morgan

Haddon Robinson is now home with the Lord. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Bonnie, his children Vicki and Torrey, and his ODBM family.

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