Exclusive Weekend Broadcast from Hope Out Loud

By Julianna Keck

July 28, 2017

We are thrilled to present an exclusive, retrospective interview from the Barrick family of Hope Out Loud. 

This 25-minute, stand-alone broadcast boldly shares the story God has given the Barrick family— of the tragic car accident that altered their lives forever and gave birth to a faith-filled, God-centered ministry that continues on more than a decade later.

Give your listeners the chance to hear the family’s unplugged account when you sign up to air this special broadcast.

The first 20 stations that sign up to air this evergreen program will receive a free book bundle from the Barricks! Click the image below to watch their special video message for you.

In this gripping interview broadcast, Andy, Linda, Jen, and Josh personally recount all that transpired at the time of their accident, and share miracle after miracle of how God came to their rescue and redeemed their tragedy for His triumph and glory.

The content is evergreen and can be aired at any time.

It’s perfect for airing in your weekend program line-up. This 25-minute broadcast will be available via FTP download.

Let us know what date(s) and time(s) you plan to air this stand-alone broadcast. Contact the RKC Media Services Team at (818) 865-0179, or email info@kempandcompany.cc.

Here’s a look at the enthusiastic response the CSN Network received after airing the interview program on their stations:

Hi Jen:  I have listened to your family on the CSN radio station here in Boise, Idaho for quite some time. This morning I finally had a few moments to google the story of the accident that so drastically changed your family's lives. Your entire family encourages me when I hear the short blurb on the radio, but you have been an "inspiration" as well as a huge encouragement to me. Your prayers affected me that way even before I was aware of the accident. Somehow, the simplicity and true love for the Lord that you have grabbed me each time I heard you. I retired from the military after 23 years and I have stared down death a few times, but hearing your testimony and especially listening to "how" you pray, with such a joyful enthusiasm has truly blessed me and I want you to continue to know how effective you are for the ministry and to the heart of our Lord Jesus. God bless you and your incredible family as you all serve Jesus in such a beautiful way!

I was listening to CSN radio today and heard the interview of your family sharing the story of your severe car accident. Your family's testimony touched my heart and soul! I look forward to finding out more about Hope Out Loud Ministry. I look forward to connecting with you! - Larry

I heard your story today on the radio as I was returning from the grocery store. I had to sit in my garage in the car to finish it! I was so in awe of God and his love for you in your time of need. Bless you for your work (labor of love!) to share God's Grace with all of us. - Casey

We are confident this program will profoundly bless all who hear.

God had “something far greater” in mind that fateful night of the Barricks' accident. 

To all our station partners who air the daily short feature, Hope Out Loud, Thank you for being an integral part of God’s greater plan!

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