Sports Spectrum Daily Programming Update

By Jessica Suggs

Sept. 5, 2014


Effective Monday, September 1st, Sports Spectrum Daily moved to one daily release (rather than two) Monday through Friday.  Audio files are now available the day prior to air.  This allows stations maximum flexibility in airing the program multiple times each day.

Program delivery remains available through Amb-OS and FTP, and files will now be posted no later than 4:00 p.m. ET one day prior to air date. 

There's no shortage of sports news these days, but rarely from a Christ-centered perspective!  Sports Spectrum Daily continues to provide listeners with current sports news through the relevant lens of the Bible.

And we're making every effort to stay sharp and improve our delivery along the way.  In response to station and listener feedback, RBC Ministries is updating the Sports Spectrum Daily program to focus more on the important issues in sports and life.  For instance ...

* How do followers of Christ deal with modern day racism demonstrated by the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers?

* Should college athletes receive financial remuneration for their efforts on the court and on the field?

* Timely topics such as Am I Coachable - Accepting Constructive Criticism, Confidence vs. Arrogance and more.

Beginning September 1st, host Steve Lloyd-Jones addresses issues like these, providing timely application for followers of Christ.  The program provides the upbeat pace and flair that has made Sports Spectrum Daily a favorite with your listeners.

For questions, or to add Sports Spectrum Daily to your program lineup, contact Jessica Suggs or Melissa Carlson at, or call (818) 865-0180.