Stories of Transformation

By Julianna Keck

June 22, 2018

For the last two decades, Walk in the Word has provided personal and practical teaching that leads listeners to the transforming power of God.

Pastor and Bible Teacher James MacDonald recently said,

As I look back over these last 20+ years, I’m amazed by what God has done and where He has brought us. Because here is what I know to be true ... God is at work.

Not long ago, this testimony came across Pastor James’ desk, and it’s too great not to share:

I stumbled onto a radio station on my way home from work, and Walk in the Word was on.  Pastor James was so straightforward that, even though I was living in sin, I listened every night.  I've learned so much more than I ever had my whole life in church. Through the knowledge I gained from Walk in the Word, and through God’s grace, I gave up my way of life and gave everything to the Lord.  On my knees by the bed that night, I truly confessed my sin and told God with all my heart that I was done living the way I wanted, and I was ready for Him to direct EVERYTHING from then on.  Since then, the Lord has called me to be a pastor and start a ministry in my hometown.  The Lord continues to use Walk in the Word to teach me, so I can lead others to Christ. 

We love hearing listener stories like this one.  Seeing God at work in the lives of His people is so powerful.

Thank you to our station partners who are a part of what God is doing through Walk in the Word Ministries.  You are transmitting a message that has eternal consequences!

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