Super Bowl Updates Huge Success

By Jessica Suggs

Jan. 3, 2013

On February 3, 2013 famlies across the country, whether sports fans or casual observers, will feast on game day snacks and sit back to enjoy Super Bowl XLVII.  Hosted this year in the "Big Easy" of Louisiana, this national tradition of football and food boasts more television viewers than any other program.  In fact, last year's Super Bowl was seen by a record 111.3 million viewers.

For the past three years, the production team from Sports Spectrum has provided an inside look into the "Big Game" by providing dynamic 2-minute daily features. 

The Sports Spectrum Super Bowl Updates provide up-to-date interviews and sports coverage from a Christian perspective - Features you won't find anywhere else!

Each day, the Sports Spectrum team will provide two 2-minute daily features airing Monday, January 28 through Friday, February 1, 2013.  A 60-second promo will also be available.  Both the Updates and the promo are available via Amb-OS and FTP.

Signing up is easy!  Download the sign up form from our website and fax it to (818) 865-0179.  You can find the form here.  Or, you can call us at (818) 865-0180 or email

If you don't already carry the popular weekend show called Sports Spectrum, we'd love to add this feature to your station lineup.  This 55-minute program brings a variety of sports news and commentary from a distinctly Christian worldview.  Just one more way RBC Ministries is providing unique, God-centered, programming to your station!

On behalf of Sports Spectrum and RBC Ministries, thank you for your participation in this special production!