That’s a Wrap on Proclaim 18! Take a Look at Our Favorite Moments...

By Julianna Keck

March 9, 2018


We hope you made it home safely and are settling back into a more normal pace of life after the whirlwind of a week known as Proclaim 18.

The 75th annual National Religious Broadcasters convention was one for the books! And we are grateful for the opportunities it afforded us to meet with so many of you and connect you with our ministry partners.

Though we can’t quantify the sheer value of the relationships that were built and strengthened, we decided it would be fun to take a look at the some of the hard data…

Here’s what went down at Proclaim 18, according to the stats:

  • 9 RKC team members were in attendance
  • 37 RKC ministry representatives were in attendance
  • 144 meetings and events were held with the RKC team, our ministry partners and station partners
  • More than 100 people connected through these strategic meetings
  • At least 7 gallons of coffee were consumed in Delta Island B alone, which comes out to a whopping total of approximately 140 cups—In just four days! Sleep deprivation at NRB is real, y'all … and coffee was clearly the solution!

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll let these do most of the talking…

What a week! We return humbled that God has enabled us to partner with you in responding to His Great Commission and with a renewed sense of purpose to do what we do—better—for His glory!