The Barrick Family Brings Hope to Listeners

By Jessie Jolliff

Aug. 12, 2016

Out of tragedy, a life-changing ministry was born. Linda, Andy, Jen and Josh Barrick went through what could have been a devastating car crash nine years ago. But God was with them and brought them through it. Now this family is focused and highly engaged in bringing hope and healing to others through their radio ministry, Hope Out Loud.

Jen Barrick, a passionate prayer warrior, has thrown herself, heart and soul, into the ministry by sharing the hope we have in our relationship with Jesus. Jen’s signature prayers are well known on the daily short feature, Hope Out Loud. Listeners frequently reach out to the Barrick family letting them know how spiritually stirring and meaningful her prayers are to them.

Robin Robinson, General Manager from WHIF 91.3 Hope FM, told us about one encouraged listener:

“A mom and her young son came in to make a donation during our recent pledge drive. When we asked him (he’s about 10) what his favorite thing about Hope FM is . . . he said Hope Out Loud!! He hears it every morning on his way to school. I was kind of surprised that a kid would mention that over music, but so grateful we chose to air it because it’s reaching so many people!”

This 60-second short feature is making a lasting impression on young minds, and is making an eternal impact for God’s glory. Since January, Hope Out Loud has doubled its outreach and is now heard on over 700 stations. Thank you Hope FM and the many other stations airing this hope-filled broadcast!

In addition to the broadcast, Linda and Jen Barrick are building their connection with listeners through a new web series called Bible Talk. You can watch the full series by visiting their Youtube channel or click here to see the introductory video.

Get to know the Barrick family by visiting our website, and sign up for Hope Out Loud when you call (818) 865-0180 or email