The Barrick Family

By Sheryl Lynn Johnson

April 16, 2013

The Barrick Family from Hope Out Loud met with the staff at RKC this week.  On Saturday, Linda and Jen Barrick spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of 200 women who gathered down the street from our offices at Calvary Community Church, in Westalake Village, California.  Sunday morning, the church hosted the Barrick family in both worship services.  Pastor Shawn Thornton interviewed Andy, Linda and Jen about their tragic auto accident and God's miraculous provisions in their recovery.  It was inspiring to hear how God continues to work in each of their lives today, whispering words of confidence, strength and joy.

The Barrick Family's Story:  

While driving home from church late one night in 2006, Andy, Linda, Jen and Josh Barrick were struck head-on by a drunk driver.  Each member sustained life-threatening injuries.  

At 15 years old, Jen Barrick was not expected to live through the night, but God miraculously intervened.  She was in a coma for five weeks and the doctors warned that she would probably emerge from her coma cursing and screaming in confusion.  Instead, Jen prayed out loud and sang praise songs. 

Though Jen couldn’t remember simple math equations, she knew every word to every praise song and every Scripture she had hidden in her heart.  This vivacious and grateful teenager, who was once a quiet, deep-thinker, is now expressing her passion for God out loud to everyone she meets.  

Today Andy, Linda, Jen and Josh Barrick are a testament to God’s loving care when life feels unfair.  Whether it’s through speaking engagements, bestselling books, or inspirational DVDs, God is using the Barrick family to give hope to hurting people as they share their miraculous story of healing in the aftermath of personal tragedy.

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