Three Cheers for Radio!

By Julianna Keck

Aug. 20, 2018

Happy National Radio Day! At RKC, we consider our partnership with radio stations a sacred trust, and we are privileged to serve you and your listeners with top tier Christian programming.

Today, we celebrate an invention that has profoundly impacted all our lives! 

And since it just happens to be the first day back-to-school for countless students across the country, it’s only fitting to get a lesson on the history of radio and a briefing on Christian broadcasting and the formation of the National Religious Broadcasters.

Here’s a fun fact! Did you know the term “broadcasting,” referring to radio transmissions, was originally an agricultural term for the wide scattering of seeds?

Isn’t that perfectly fitting? Through this intimate medium of mass communication, people of all ages, races, and backgrounds are met daily, right where they are, with a message that has an eternal impact. We praise God for the millions of lives that are changed each year through the dissemination of the gospel over the airwaves.

Whether you’re a listener, producer, or station staff, that’s something worth celebrating!

Chime in online by using #NationalRadioDay, and be sure to listen to your favorite programs on your local radio station!