Thru the Bible Celebrates Bible Bus Milestone

By Jessica Suggs

April 1, 2016

This week Thru the Bible celebrated another milestone by completing the 9th cycle through the entire Word of God.

This 5-year journey ended Thursday, March 31 ... and a brand new bus left the station today, April 1, providing a new generation of men and women the opportunity to travel from Genesis to Revelation with J. Vernon McGee.

Thank you to all the stations who partner in delivering the Bible Bus to men and women in their community by airing the daily broadcast of Thru the Bible! Listeners are already stepping on board for the 10th journey.

Recently, listeners were invited to submit self-portraits declaring how long they've been riding the Bible Bus. Check out the fun entries here.

Thru the Bible host, Steve Schwetz, has been on the Bible bus for 21 years!

In addition to the daily 26-minute broadcast, Thru the Bible also produces a 30-minute Questions & Answers weekend program as well as a 45-minute Sunday Sermon broadcast. Hear samples of these programs here.

Sign up to air any of the Thru the Bible broadcasts when you contact our office today. Call (818) 865-0180, or email the Media Services team at