Thru the Bible Celebrates Letter Month with Listeners

By Jessie Jolliff

June 2, 2017

Since 1941 Thru the Bible has impacted hearts and invited listeners all around the world to dive deeper into God’s Word. Even after his passing in 1988, Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s teaching has had a timeless effect on those who hear his messages due to the unchanging and everlasting nature of scripture.

This May, the ministry celebrated “Letter Month.”  Throughout the month they invited listeners far and wide to share the ways God has impacted their lives through Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s teaching and the ministry of Thru the Bible. Whether by letter or email, listeners all over eagerly shared their stories with the ministry.

With countless thousands of listeners across the country, and the world, you can imagine that the Thru the Bible office in Pasadena, California received an impressive influx of mail this month!

One listener named Sheena shared her personal story of the way God used Thru the Bible in her childhood. Her mother listened to the daily broadcast at home while she was getting ready for school. In her adult life, and after drifting away from the Lord, Sheena rediscovered her faith with the help of Dr. J Vernon McGee’s teaching.

Read Sheena’s story below:

Dear TTB, 

Thanks be to the Lord for his goodness and mercy!

I've been so blessed during our journey through the book of John. I've been meaning to share my story as a means of encouragement to your team and my fellow Bible bus riders. But I've finally made the time to make it happen. It's been a long time coming.

My mother was aboard the Bible bus long before me. She listened to Dr. McGee every morning when I was growing up over thirty years ago.

I'm ashamed to say I grew to strongly dislike the opening music to the program because it meant that it was time to get up for school! She didn't need to come and get me. She'd just crank up the radio through our house and by the end the first stanza, I knew I'd better hurry. We listened every week day morning.

I drifted away from the Lord after high school and without his constant light I began to doubt my faith. I suspected those beliefs planted early in my heart were not real. I started listening to the world and I believed the ultimate lie, that I didn't need God. Let me be frank with those on the same path—It dead-ends. There truly is a hole deep inside that you can pour all the food, alcohol and lust of the world into but it becomes a black hole. Without God you cannot be satisfied.

We are witnesses that He is real. God did not give up on me. He kept looking for me until he found me. I turned back to Him and rediscovered Dr. McGee. But this time I wasn't a grandchild (riding with my mother) I was embraced as a child of our merciful God!

If I go a day without listening, I make sure it's not 3 or 4. I read and mediate on His Word. I remain clay in the hands of the Master. Thank you friends at TTB for your faithfulness to the purpose, which the Lord has placed before you!


Praise God for the work God has done in Sheena’s life and so many others through the timeless teaching of Dr. J. Vernon McGee and Thru the Bible!

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