Thru the Bible Celebration

By Jessie Jolliff

Dec. 7, 2015

Thru the Bible has been taking the whole Word to the whole world for more than 50 years. At the recent 2015 TTB Year-End Celebration, enthusiastic ministry partners gathered for the annual Christmas party and ministry report.

TTB President Gregg Harris shared the exciting progress of this pioneering ministry. The sun never sets on Thru the Bible as listeners can hear Dr. J. Vernon McGee's radio teaching in 160 countries and in 81 different languages. And a new TTB multi-language app allows listeners to select their preferred language. In addition, TTB has expanded it's vision to take the Gospel to Syrian refugee and Muslims in Pakistan while also launching a five-year Dutch production in the Flemish language.

Recently TTB listeners were encouraged to submit photos of themselves, sharing where they listen and for how long they've been listening. Many have been on the "Bible Bus" for years and decades. One photo shared at the year-end event was particularly moving. It was of a young man holding a poster that read: "Day 1 on the Bible Bus." His journey has just begun.

So many lives have come to know Christ and been discipled through TTB's radio programs. Thru the Bible gives all the credit to God as did J. Vernon McGee. "If you ever learn anything through my Bible study program, it will not be because this poor preacher is the teacher, it will be because the Spirit of God is opening up the Word of God to you," said Dr. McGee years ago.

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