Thru the Bible Now Represented by Roger Kemp and Company

By Jessie Jolliff

Oct. 26, 2015

Thru the Bible has a long history of reaching the world for Christ through the Bible teaching of Dr. J. Vernon McGee. Now Roger Kemp and Company has the distinct honor of managing their media services, representing them to radio stations across the country.

Dr. McGee's ministry and legacy continues today through radio, allowing listeners to benefit from his archived five-year Bible study plan messages and Sunday sermons. Lives continue to be changed through this historic ministry and Dr. McGee's strong Bible exposition that daily directs listeners to Jesus Christ.

Thru the Bible has three radio program formats. The daily Thru the Bible program threads back and forth between the Old and New Testaments, going through the entire Bible over the course of five years. The weekend Question & Answer program shares Dr. McGee's responses to Bible questions sent in over the years by listeners. And the weekend Sunday Sermon features a collection of the most effective and fruitful sermons by Dr. J. Vernon McGee -- given during his 21-year pastorate at the historic Church of the Open Door in Glendora, California.

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As the agency of record for Thru the Bible, you can contact Roger Kemp and Company to add Thru the Bible to your radio program lineup. Download the sign-up form or visit our contact page for more information.