The Whole WORD to the Whole WORLD

By Intern

Aug. 1, 2016

One globe, One gospel, One God.

The holistic Bible teachings of Dr. Vernon McGee not only impacts lives on an individual level, it saves souls on an international level.


When you engage with Thru The Bible ministries, you are not only opening up your own heart to know God, you are opening up opportunities around the globe for many hearts to know God.

‘Taking the whole Word to the whole world’, Dr. McGee’s vision for Thru The Bible still remains the heart of his ministry today.

What began as one experimental project to translate Thru The Bible to Spanish in 1973, has now evolved into a flourishing missionary radio movement, accessible in 119 languages and dialects and reaching over 160 countries at this very moment.

From global apps to daily prayer postsThru the Bible invites everyone to join with the ministry in following The Great Commission, as they spread the transforming truth of God’s Word.

Unite with others around the world in browsing praise reports, prayer requests and listener testimonies for all 160 countries where Dr. McGee’s timeless teachings are heard, provided on the Global Reach page.

From Bulgaria: I am writing to thank you for the Thru the Bible program. This program has greatly touched my life. In my village, I and the other believers are listening to your radio programs. These programs have been the only source of the gospel for us.”

From the Philippines: Because of your program my questions about faith are one by one being answered. Thank you so much. Your program is truly a gift from God. I believe all people who hear your program can surely grow in his/her faith in God.”

From Kenya: I visited a friend of mine who introduced me to your program. I have been listening to this program and I have learned a lot from God’s Word and am even praying more than I used to pray. Before, I was just a Christian and not born again. Now I have received the gift of salvation and have never understand the Word of God like I do now.”

From Syria: “I have come to believe that the Word of God is sweet, delicious, and living for me! Being close to it gives the feeling of security and peace even if chaos is all around. I thank God for making available a radio program like the Arabic TTB and for people like you to help me – and many others – to know and live this truth.”

From Ukraine: Thanks to my mom I became a Christian, she taught me to listen to the radio programs, and I am so thankful to her. With joy I am awaiting every evening to listen to you. God teaches me a lot through your programs.”

Thru The Bible touches millions of lives across the earth every day.

To join in on the movement and air the daily and weekend broadcasts, download the sign up form here.