Thru the Bible Viewers Following Jesus in the Face of Danger

By Julianna Keck

Sept. 26, 2016

“The Whole Word to the Whole World”—This has been the driving mission of Thru the Bible since Dr. J. Vernon McGee began his radio ministry in 1941. Today, Thru the Bible is heard in over 100 languages around the globe each weekday.

Five years ago, Thru the Bible launched a satellite television program in hopes of reaching more Arabic speaking people around the world with the Word of God. What began as a small test project is now a thriving and growing ministry that has forever changed countless lives.

Many of these listeners have chosen to relentlessly follow Christ in the face of great risk and hardship. Thru the Bible recently shared the testimonies of two such viewers who have placed their trust in Christ as they walk by faith in spite of the danger that confronts them daily.

To view these powerful testimonies, click here.

Let us stand together in prayer for God’s protection over the many Thru the Bible listeners who have counted the cost and now risk their lives to follow Jesus Christ as their Savior.

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