Voice of the Martyrs Advance 2019 Conference

By Rachel Bardwell

Feb. 13, 2019

At the beginning of the month, the RK Media team had the opportunity to attend the VOM Advance Conference in Costa Mesa, CA. With the largest number of registered attendees to date, VOM hosted about 2,000 people from the community to share stories of those currently persecuted in our church family. Those in attendance heard stories from believers living in countries such as India, China, Syria and many others, which were nothing short of heart breaking. However, this was not where the conference left their attendees.

Instead, the event aimed to edify and equip the audience with tools for change and hope. The ministry explains the mission of the conference as a way, “to learn how God’s kingdom is advancing, even in the face of fierce opposition. Meet your persecuted family face to face, and let God use their stories to challenge you to a deeper, bolder walk with Him.” As a team and on behalf of others in attendance, we believe this mission was fully accomplished.

One conference goer shares his experience from the conference…

“The conference rekindled my desire to pray for others, to stand in the gap and, again, intercede for those who are persecuted for His name.” 

Following the event, Voice of the Martyrs sent a follow-up email sharing that over 12,000 Bibles were sponsored during the conference in Costa Mesa!

You and your listeners can find the conference nearest to you by visiting: https://www.vomadvance.com/ We can’t recommend this conference enough to your listeners and anyone who wants to be encouraged and equipped to help those persecuted in their faith.

If your station is not currently airing Voice of the Martyrs and would like to be a part of the growth of this ministry feel free to contact our Media Services Team. Email info@kempandcompany.cc or call (818) 865-0180.