James MacDonald and the Vertical Church Band are Going on Tour!

By Jessie Jolliff

Feb. 24, 2017

There is something about the combination of listening to Scripture and singing praises that re-aligns our hearts with the Lord and re-focuses our eyes on Him. 

This March, James MacDonald and the Vertical Church band are heading out on the first ever Vertical Nights tour for eleven nights of Worship and the Word. Each night of the tour will be spent pressing in to engage the Lord in worship and hear His Word brought to life in a powerful message from James.

“Need a shot in the arm? Need a recharge? Well then how about a God event? We’re going to bring one to your area, and I really hope to see you there.”  

Watch this short video from James about the tour by clicking here.


Get ready for an on-fire, earth-shaking, God-glorifying night with James MacDonald and the Vertical Church band!

Find out if the Vertical Nights tour is coming to a city near you! Visit the official webpage: http://www.jamesmacdonald.com/verticalnights/

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