Words To Live By

By Jessica Suggs

May 30, 2014

Stories have a way of gripping us deep down in our core.  Even Jesus used story to teach, admonish and guide.  The weekend program, Words To Live By, continues to touch the hearts of men and women through the gift of story.  Thought-provoking testimonies of the Lord's faithful provision offer encouragmement and hope to those traveling a weary road. 

"Last night I listened to Words To Live By on my computer for the first time.  After listening to it for a few minutes, I found myself weeping.  The story touched my heart.  It ministered to me.  Thank you."  - Harlan

"I love listening to the real-life stories of people who speak about their life and faith.  They are truly inspirational.  I've been sharing these messages with inmates at a nearby prison.  Thank you for your program." - Maureen

To hear program samples and to add Words To Live By to your weekend lineup, visit http://kempandcompany.cc/stations/words-to-live-by/ today!