30-minute Weekend Program

“The stories we record for Words to Live By are an ongoing source of encouragement to me. I’m constantly reminded of God’s grace, love, mercy, and provision through these testimonies, and how the Bible truly is our source for words to live by.”

Barbara Follis

Words to Live By is a weekly, 30-minute radio program hosted by Barbara Follis, featuring real-life stories of faith from special guests.

A radio ministry of Our Daily Bread Ministries, Words to Live By presents stories from men and women who trust in Jesus Christ and the scriptural “words to live by” that have influenced their faith. Listeners discover wisdom and hope through personal accounts of those who have found God to be faithful and God’s Word to be an applicable, reliable source for strength, guidance, and encouragement.

Words to Live By features a real-life story that emphasizes the life-changing impact of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Since 1995, the program has provided hope, encouragement, and direction from God’s Word.

Real people, real stories, about a very real God.

To learn more about this ministry, visit www.words.net.

Words to Live By is 29:30 in length and available via Amb-OS and FTP download. To add the program to your station's lineup, download the sign-up form or visit our contact page.