24-minute Weekend Program

“I am doing far more of what I love to do than ever before and it has led to many, many rich relationships. It's because God moved in my life to push me out of my comfort zone and into the place He wanted me.”

Wayne Shepherd

First Person is a 24-minute weekly interview program hosted by broadcasting veteran, Wayne Shepherd.

Storytelling is an art form. A story well told has the power to connect people of all ages, crossing the barriers of time and culture.

In this half-hour weekend broadcast, Wayne Shepherd brings his expert interviewing skills to bear as he helps men and women from around the world share their stories of transformation through Jesus Christ.

These intimate portrayals offer hope and encouragement, enabling us to see God’s faithfulness and influence at work in our world.

Wayne spent the majority of his adult life working at Moody Radio. In January 2007, he left Moody and launched Wayne Shepherd Communications. 

With over 40 years of broadcast experience, Wayne serves a growing number of clients as a radio host, interviewer, VO talent, and consultant. He serves on the boards of National Religious Broadcasters, Far East Broadcasting Company, and Mission Eurasia.

To learn more about the ministry, visit http://www.firstpersoninterview.com/

First Person with Wayne Shepherd is available via Amb-OS distribution. To begin airing this 24-minute weekend broadcast on your station, visit our contact page.