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“My desire is to unpack for parents what I have learned during the years I have worked with troubled teens and their families. I want to show them how to deal with teens and give hope, direction, and insight—whether they are in a crisis situation today, or want to prevent such a day in the future.”

Mark Gregston

Parenting Today's Teens is a weekly, 25-minute program, featuring interviews and conversations that provide practical help and hope to parents of teenagers. These weekly broadcasts feature teen expert Mark Gregston, veteran broadcasting host Wayne Shepherd, and a variety of special guests. Parenting Today’s Teens is also available in a daily, 1-minute feature.

For more than 30 years, Mark Gregston has been helping families and teens through the challenges of adolescence. Mark is the founder and executive director of Heartlight Ministries in Longview, Texas, where 50 high school students reside in a year-long residential counseling program. A popular speaker and seminar leader, Mark offers biblical insights and practical wisdom for parents wanting to develop a deeper relationship with their teens. In 2009, Mark launched the first-ever Turbulence Ahead tour in North America, and today, he leads parenting seminars around the country called Tough Guys and Drama Queens and An Evening with Mark Gregston. In these day-long seminars, Mark blends humor, storytelling and biblical insight, while helping parents determine what's happening to their teen and how to parent in a confusing culture.

Mark is the author of several books, including his most recent release, Leaving a Legacy of Hope, What's Happening to My Teen? and Tough Guys and Drama Queens. His weekly radio program and daily short feature, Parenting Today’s Teens, can be heard on more than 1,600 radio outlets nationwide.

In the words of Dr. Tim Kimmel, “Mark Gregston’s never met a teenager he can’t believe in or a parent he doesn’t want to help become better. He has a clear ‘big picture’ grasp on effective parenting, formatted by the power of God’s grace and seasoned from decades of experience.”

Mark and his wife, Jan, have been married for more than 40 years and have two children and four grandchildren.

To learn more about the ministry, visit www.parentingtodaysteens.com.

The weekly and daily Parenting Today's Teens programs are available via Amb-OS and FTP download. To add either program to your station's lineup, download the sign-up form or visit our contact page.